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With diabetes, having an insulin pump attached to your body 24/7 is highly beneficial in terms of your health, but highly inconvenient in regards to choosing your clothes for the day.

Mainstream clothing often lacks pockets, sturdy waistbands and other protective features that would allow users to store their pumps in a safe and comfortable way.

Mude tackles this problem with a specifically designed pocket to store your insulin pump, our underwear eliminates the need to adapt what you wear in order to feel comfortable and safe while wearing your medical device. You can wear Mude discreetly under your clothing, or as a visible part of your outfit.

Designed for and with people with diabetes - Mude allows you to integrate your insulin pumps into any clothing combinations giving you the freedom to choose the clothes you want to wear, without the worry or hassle of managing your pump. 

Take your style back with Mude!

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